An amazing underground journey which starts at the main mine gallery in Livadi and carries on through a whole mountain to reach the deserted beach of Koutala- Kalogeros. Numerous entrances and accompanying exits create a wide-ranging puzzle that the visitor can explore. From the entrance and surroundings of the mines, the visitor gets a first impression of mining activities, with wagons, rails, half-ruined bridges? a scenery that looks as if it is from a science fiction film.

There are underground walks that can last from 15 minutes to several hours, where you can enter from one beach and get out in another, and during the journey you can swim, dive, sunbathe, enjoy the sea in peace and quiet on deserted beaches and at the end unwind in one of the traditional tavernas nearby.


*The visit to  outdoor museum and crossing the tunnels are  in the responsibility and the initiative  of visitors - walkers



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