Easter In Serifos 2009 Print
During the night we are well-dressed holding candles and in the day we are loaded with oxygen bottles and diving suits. On one hand the priest and the church service in the Old Monastery and on the other regulators and flippers on a boat that resembles a pirate one. This is how we celebrate Easter in Serifos, the island of contradictions.

This year's scoreboard is as follows:

Semifinals: Anthony cracked Maria?s egg, Vania cracked Antony?s, Lilly cracked Vania?s and as a result Lilly had to eat Vania?s egg.

Kostas cracked Dimitris?s egg, Panagiotis cracked Petros?s, Kostas cracked Panagiotis?s and Panagiotis got angry.

Stavros and Katerina have a tie? they are in love!!!!!!

Final: Aris cracked the eggs of Christos, Tassos, Antonis, Maria and Costas (and after an investigation fraud was established as Ari?s egg was a wooden one)

Happy Easter holidays to all .

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