For yet another year, public attendance was impressive at the second exhibition of alternative forms of tourism that ended on Sunday 8th of February in the city of Patras. Many tourist businesses displayed their services in a relatively new exhibition in Greece. Several Municipalities were also present offering the visitor a taste from different parts of Greece.
The Cyclades were successfully represented by the islands of Syros, Andros, Kea, Milos, Paros and Serifos who shared a cleverly-designed kiosk designed by the Development Company of the Cyclades. Serifos was represented by the scuba diving school Serifos Scuba Divers and the training director Antonis G. Antonakis. Printed commercial leaflets were distributed and visitors were given information about the type of activities that are available on Serifos during the summer as well as the winter months, such as water sports, guiding tours to folklore museums, walks to known paths, visits to monasteries, diving, water tours, visits to the old mines, the miners? museum and the thermal baths. Visitors were eager to learn more about the diving activities on Serifos and asked about the clear blue waters, the average sea temperature during the year, the training courses and the courses for children. As has been described by analysts, the alternative forms of tourism offer the visitor the opportunity to spend their time pleasantly and also to explore their chosen holiday destination and learn its history. One of the main advantages of the alternative forms of tourism is the gradual extension of the summer tourist season that over the past few years kept shrinking. Congratulations to the Development Company of the Cyclades and the Municipality of Serifos, as without their contribution the promotion of Serifos in the exhibition would not have been possible.
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