with consistency and professionalism,  The  department for underwater marine projects from our company  guaranteed for the choice of the right equipment  and the proper preparation of applications  undertake installation, monitoring and maintenance of the equipment.

The technical knowledge, the right equipment and the specialization leads the efforts into success




·         Restoration platforms

·         port development

·         underwater photography

·         underwater video

·         underwater inspections of jetties, hulls ships, sewage pipelines, water  pipelines

·         Cleaning ship hulls, replacement of anodes

·         underwater survey

·         Lifting underwater objects

·         underwater Aspiration ? dredging

·         underwater cutting

·         underwater welding

·         Laying of pipelines and cables

·         Anchorages

·         floating platforms

·         underwater mapping

·         Specialist Farming of Aquatic Organism

·         sponge fishing

·         shell fishing

·         Fishfarming

·         shellfish sector ? shellfarming

·         scientific Diving


Protecting the water wealth with the respectively underwater projects are now imperative in our country.

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